Boston Police Make Arrest in South End Sexual Assault

Boston Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a sexual assault in the South End on Monday.

Eduardo Rodriguez, age 31, of Boston was arrested by officers assigned to the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit and charged with aggravated rape, indecent assault and battery, armed robbery, intimidation of a witness and aggravated kidnapping.

On Aug. 22 at around 1 a.m., a female victim was walking in the vicinity of Greenwich Park and Claremont Street, where Rodriquez approached her on a blue BMX bicycle, police said.

Rodriquez allegedly told the victim he has a knife and forced her to walk to the area of the Carter Playground, where he sexually assaulted her. He then fled towards Davenport Street in the direction of Tremont Street.

“I applaud the courage and strength of the survivor in this incident,” Commissioner William Evens of the Boston Police said in a statement. “She showed incredible bravery. I am also grateful to my detectives for their hard work and commitment in identifying and arresting this violent felon and removing him from the streets of this city.”

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