Election Results in Boston

In Tuesday’s election, there were 415,536 registered voters in Boston and 269,510 came out to cast their ballot.

In Boston, Hillary Clinton won the presidential election with 81.7 percent, 216,754 votes followed by the President-Elect Donald Trump at 14.2 percent with 37,756 votes. Gary Johnson got 2.6 percent with 6,928 and Jill Stein received 1.5 percent at 3,878.

The U.S. Representative for the 7th District that went unopposed went to Congressman Michael E. Capuano.

The U.S. Representative for the 8th District went to Democrat Stephen F Lynch with 59,129 votes at 81.9 percent and Republican William Burke came in second with 13,444 at 18.46 percent.

State Representative in the 8th Suffolk District went unopposed to Democrat Jay D Livingstone.

State Representative in the 9th Suffolk District went to unopposed to Democrat Bryon Rushing.

Suffolk County Sheriff went unopposed to Democrat Steven W Tompkins.

The Register of Deeds went to Democrat Stephen J Murphy with 160,010 votes at 72.63 percent. Independent M. Ciampa-Coyne came in second at 27,476 votes at 12.4 percent. Independent John A Keith came in third with 16,302 votes at 7.4 percent and Independent Joseph M Donnelly, Jr. followed with 15,023 votes at 6.8 percent.

Overall, the South End went to Hillary Clinton and had high voter turnout. The Back Bay also went in the majority for Hillary Clinton and had high voter turnout.


Massachusetts Ballot Question Boston results:

Question 1, would allow the Gaming Commission to issue an additional slots license failed to pass with 62.68 percent going no at 150,663 votes and 37.32 percent going for at 89,717 votes.

Question 2, which would expand Chart Schools, failed to pass with 62.2 percent of votes against at 159,940 votes and 37.9 percent of votes for at 99,781 votes.

Question 3, that will prohibit certain methods of farm animal containment passed with 80.9 percent of the votes for at 207,195 votes and 19 percent against at 48,891 votes.

Question 4, Legalize Marijuana passes with 62.4 percent for it at 163,724 votes and 37 percent against at 98,454 votes.

Question 5, which enacted the Community Preservation Act, passed with 73 percent of the vote at 177,174 votes and 26 percent against at 63,410 votes.


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