District 4 Sees Drop in Part One Crime in ‘16

By Dan Murphy

As 2016 drew to a close, District 4 was on track to see an approximately 8-percent decrease in violent and property crime from the pervious year.

According to Boston Police, 3,586 Part One crimes were reported in the district, which includes the Back Bay, South End, Lower Roxbury and the Fenway, between Jan. 1 and Dec. 11, 2016, as opposed to 3,912 during the same timeframe in 2015.

One homicide was reported in 2016, down from two the previous year, while the number of rapes and attempted rapes were up around 19 percent as the number of incidents climbed to 37 from 31 in 2015.

The rate of robberies and attempted robberies remained steady, with 199 and 200 incidents in 2016 and the pervious year, respectively.

The number of domestic aggravated assaults saw a slight uptick, climbing to 54 from 52 in 2015.

Non-domestic aggravated assaults were up nearly 5-percent as the number rose to 208 from 199 the previous year.

In contrast, commercial burglaries were down nearly 36 percent, dropping to 50 incidents from 78 in 2015.

Non-commercial burglaries also saw a 43-percent decrease as the number dropped to 171 from 300 the pervious year.

Other burglaries were down 31 percent, dropping to 16 incidents from 11 the previous year.

Larcenies from motor vehicles saw a nearly 13-percent decrease as the number fell to 614 from 704 in 2015.

Likewise, other larcenies saw a slight reduction, with 2,106 incidents in 2016, compared to 2,164 the previous year.

Auto theft was down almost 19 percent as the number dropped to 135 from 166 in 2015.

Citywide, Part One crime was down around 6 percent as the number of incidents fell to 18,494 from 19,744 the previous year.

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