Neighborhood Coordinator Chambers to Leave Post

By Seth Daniel

After nearly two years of representing the South End and Bay Village for Mayor Martin Walsh, Sam Chambers announced on Wednesday, June 14, that he would be leaving his post for a promotion on June 30.

He will continue, however, to be the liaison for the LGBTQ community.

“For the past two years, it has been such an honor being Mayor Walsh’s Liaison to your neighborhoods,” he said in a letter. “We’ve laughed together, taken walks together and had really important conversations about the future of our neighborhoods and city…Thank you for your activism, and please know how much Mayor Walsh is impressed by and in-awe of your dedication to the South End and Bay Village.”

Chambers will be taking a new position with the Mayor’s Office, coordinating press for the Office of Neighborhood Services and continuing in his role as the liaison to the LGBTQ community.

Already, a new liaison for Bay Village and South End has been selected. Few details have been given about her yet, only that her name is Farias and she is from Castle Square.

Chambers announced the move privately last week to many boards and presidents of local neighborhood associations, and said he would be helping the new liaison to meet everyone over the summer – and be ready to tend to the busy schedule of civic meetings when things start up again in September.

He said he would still be around the South End and Bay Village, even though the lives in South Boston, but likely will keep close tabs on the happenings in the neighborhood.

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