Police Briefs 03-15-2018


Working overtime

On Wednesday, March 7, at around 2:57 a.m., police responded to an alarm sounded at The Bebop at 1116 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, officers witnessed that the front door was broken and, upon entering the establishment,          saw the suspect coming out of the restroom. Police then drew their weapons and ordered the suspect to put up his hands.

The suspect was compliant until he was put in restraints during a pat frisk, at which time, he began acting uncooperatively and refused to give officers his personal information.

The suspect eventually claimed he was an employee of the establishment, although officers were unable to verify this information.

Police observed that the suspect, who couldn’t produce any identification, had dilated pupils and difficulty speaking, and was unsteady on his feet.

The suspect was charged with breaking and entering and malicious destruction of property.


Hijacked headphones

On Wednesday, March 7, at approximately 11 a.m., officers responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress at the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library, located at 700 Boylston St.

On arrival, police spoke to the female victim, who said an unknown male suspect just stole the headphones from her laptop. She said she observed the suspect handling her belongings when she stepped away to use the restroom. At this time, she confronted the suspect and was able to retrieve her headphones.

The victim said she then approached a security guard to apprise him of the situation. The suspect then brushed past the victim and ripped her headphones from her laptop before leaving the library. On his way out the door, the suspect dropped a black Samsung phone, which police seized as evidence.

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