Boston Medical to Move Newton Pavilion Offices to Crosstown

The Crosstown Center on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street in the South End will lease 23,400 square-feet of space to Boston Medical Center to accommodate the evacuation of the Newton Pavilion to make way for the Shattuck Hospital relocation.

The news became public in a filing with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) this month, where the new lease was approved by the BPDA Board.

BMC Spokesman Tim Viall said it was simply part of the hospital campus redesign.

“Besides the information that was made public by the BPDA, BMC has always occupied space in the Crosstown Building and the relocation of services is part of the clinical campus redesign,” he said.

The new space would be on the sixth floor of the building and include a sleep lab and a general internal-medicine outpatient suite.

“The Sublease Uses are being relocated from the BMC-owned Newton Pavilion building, which is being sold and is scheduled to close in October of this year, and the Shapiro building, to further facilitate the campus reconfiguration and relocation projects,” read the BPDA filing.

The BMC Institutional Master Plan includes 2.8 million square feet After the closure of the Newton Pavilion, that will be down to 2.646 million square feet – with both figures including existing leased, owned and proposed facilities.

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