Walsh Thanks One Dalton Construction Workers

Mayor Martin Walsh wanted One Dalton to be the tallest building in Boston, but what he got was the second tallest. At 742 feet tall, the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences at One Dalton is the tallest residential building in New England and 48 feet shorter than the Hancock Tower, which currently holds the title for tallest.

At a topping-off ceremony at the Christian Science Plaza Fountain on Aug. 7, Walsh thanked the more than 700 Suffolk Construction workers who helped make this building possible.

“It’s exciting to watch this building grow as it’s been going on,” Walsh said. “We’ve already seen it transform our skyline and it represents how dynamic Boston really is.”

The workers put in more than 900,000 hours in full-time construction jobs, according to Walsh. “And I want to congratulate all of you.”

Walsh said that the building will create opportunities and revenue for middle-class and low-income housing in the city, as well as support the economy through tourism.

“As we build these buildings, we think about the money that comes from these projects that go into other neighborhoods in our city to make sure that we truly make investments in those areas so that’s one of the positives here today,” he said.

He said that when people think about luxury buildings, they are not thinking about building for the poor. However,  he said that “the city is certainly dedicated to making sure we bring more options to residents in all neighborhoods of all income levels.”

Housing has been one of Mayor Walsh’s biggest priorities with his Imagine Boston 2030 initiative, with a goal of 53,000 units by 2030. He said that more than 26,000 units of housing have already been permitted, with another 26,000 under review right now. Walsh also said that the addition of the Four Seasons hotel at One Dalton will add “much needed hotel rooms in our city.”

Walsh closed out his remarks by talking about the environmental impacts that have worried some residents. He said that the environment “is something that is very important to all of us as well in the city,” and that Chris Cook, the city’s new chief of environment, energy, and open space, is working to make sure that buildings in the city will be built “smart” and “green.”

“And we want to also work as we move forward in the future, how do we get alternative sources of energy to these buildings?” Walsh said. “So we’re going to continue to work with all of the activists in the environmental community because it is about the future of our city, it’s about the future of our kids and the future of how we’re going to move forward here.”

John Fish, chairman and CEO of Suffolk Construction, said there is “no doubt that this building is changing the brand of Boston globally,” and called the building “iconic.” Fish thanked the mayor for his leadership and the folks at the Christian Science plaza for holding the event.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of projects over the years,” said Alan Leventhal of Beacon Hill Capital Partners. “I built a lot of major buildings. But there’s no building I am prouder of.”

He said that no matter how many great people you have working on a project, from designers, to lenders to consultants, the construction workers are the ones who make the vision a reality.

“And of all the cities I’ve worked in, there’s never been a more professional, higher quality, more experienced group than what you represent on this building at One Dalton.”

Developer Richard Friedman thanked Mayor Walsh, saying, “There is no public official in America that cares more about construction workers and cares more about construction quality.”

He also said that he wouldn’t say how many units have sold so far, but he could say one thing—that it’s “a lot. We’re doing great.”

General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel & Residences at One Dalton Reed Kandalaft said that he’s excited for the “beautiful” and “fantastic” interior and exterior of One Dalton.

“We want to be the best employer in town, we want to get the best people from Boston, train them, give them the benefits, and offer them this amazing place to work,” he said.

One Dalton is scheduled to open in March 2019.

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