Byron Rushing Endorsed by City Councilor Michelle Wu, Sen Will Brownsberger, and Rep Jay Livingstone

Byron Rushing, a South End Democrat, has been endorsed by City Councilor Michelle Wu, State Senator Will Brownsberger, and State Rep. Jay Livingstone in his re-election campaign for State Representative.

Michelle Wu, a former South End resident, finished first in last year’s City Council At-Large election.  Sen. Brownsberger and Rep. Livingstone are Democrats both representing the Back Bay.  Brownsberger also represents the Fenway.

City Councilor Michelle Wu said, “I’m proud to support my friend, mentor, and progressive hero Byron Rushing in his reelection. From leading the charge on marriage equality, to working to end homelessness, and advance criminal justice reform, Byron’s leadership has reshaped the Commonwealth.”

She continued, “He’s been a partner in delivering for constituents across the district and opened doors for so many in public service, like me.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Byron Rushing on Sept. 4!”

Sen. Brownsberger said, “Byron is a partner for me in the service of his constituents.  He never stops asking how to improve every part of his district, and he works to make city and state agencies respond to problems small and large. ”

Brownsberger continued, “He is the point person who progressives always consult to strategize on how to advance their causes in the House of Representatives.  That is why his colleagues continually select him as chair of the legislature’s Progressive Caucus.  We need Byron Rushing in the state house.”

In recent weeks, Rushing’s campaign has earned the backing of other notable organizations and community leaders from across the district, including the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, Bay State Stonewall Democrats, Mass Alliance, and the Ward 5 and Ward 9 Democratic Committees.

Byron Rushing is a longtime progressive advocate and community activist. He began his commitment to public service in the civil rights movement, working for CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) in New York — and as a community organizer for the Northern Student Movement in Boston.

He later served as director of Roxbury Associates and helped to found the Lower Roxbury Community Corporation (now Madison Park CDC) – one of the first community development corporations (CDCs) in the nation.

As co-chair of the state’s Health Disparities Council, he has written, sponsored, and passed important legislation, including the law that created statewide guidelines so hospitals would improve services to victims of violent crimes and legislation for substance abuse “treatment on demand” – the shift in policy from seeing drug abuse as a crime to treating it as an illness.

Rushing was an original sponsor of the LGBTQ rights bill. He was one of the leaders in the fight to protect marriage equality in Massachusetts and successfully co-sponsored the Transgender Rights laws.

Rushing has also led on a wide range of other issues, including criminal justice reform, investing in City parks and open spaces, strengthening gun controls, and protecting our environment.

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