Police Briefs 10-25-2018

Unwanted guest

On Saturday, Oct. 20, at around 5:53 a.m., officers responded to a radio call for a verbal dispute at 130 Dartmouth St.

On arrival, police spoke to Longwood security officers who said the female suspect had a disagreement with a friend who lives there.

The suspect’s friend, who was uncooperative and refused to provide police with her personal information, told officers that the suspect’s keys were sitting on the front steps of the building.

Longwood security officers and the suspect’s friend told police they wanted the suspect to leave the premises and not return.

Police then twice advised the suspect, whom they described as “uncooperative,” to retrieve her keys and phone from the steps before leaving the area.

The suspect then began walking towards Dartmouth Street before entering the garage at 130 Dartmouth St. Police then followed the suspect inside and asked her what she was doing in there.

“I’m walking back in,” the suspect replied before officers placed her under arrest for trespassing. She was transported to District 4 headquarters for booking without further incident.


Not his brother’s keeper

On Saturday, Oct. 20, at about 5:01 p.m., police responded to a radio call for a shoplifter in custody at Nordstrom Rack at 497 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to the loss-prevention manager, who said she and another security guard observed an unknown male suspect conceal two pairs of sneakers in a bag, as well as a third pair in his jacket. The suspect then attempted to walk past all points of sale, but was stopped by security while exiting the store and taken to the loss-prevention office for identification. The suspect didn’t produce any ID, but provided police with his purported name and birthdate.

Police asked the suspect if he had been caught stealing before upon learning that an individual with the same personal information that the suspect provided was previously arrested for shoplifting in Michigan.

After the suspect responded he had never been to Michigan before, police asked him to reiterate his personal information, including his social security number. The suspect grew agitated and demanded to know why anyone would need to know his or her social security number.

The suspect was subsequently placed under arrest for shoplifting under $1,200 and transported for booking to District 4 headquarters, where police ascertained a driver’s license photograph for the name that the suspect provided was in fact not him.

After the suspect was photographed and fingerprinted, he admitted to police that the individual whose name he provided was his brother, and the suspect then provided his real information. Police then determined that the suspect had three active default warrants out of Dorchester Court for possession of a Class B substance, shoplifting by asportation and possession of a Class A substance.

The suspect was booked in the usual manner, and police informed Nordstrom Rack of the discrepancies between the information the suspect initially provided and his true identity.

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