Police Briefs 11-22-2018

D-4 Police News

have his (cheese) cake and eat it, too

On Monday, Nov. 12, at about 4:23 p.m., police responded to the Apple store at 815 Boylston St. to investigate a person.

On arrival, an employee told the responding officer that a male suspect entered the store and stated that it was going to be robbed. The suspect then left the store, only to come back a few minutes later. (The employee said she believes the suspect made a purchase on the second floor in the interim).

The suspect returned to the store yet again, at which time the officer asked him for ID. The suspect refused and left the store, although he remained standing outside the store and continued to deny the officer’s request for his identification.

The suspect had a friend on the scene, who refused to provide the officer with his name. The suspect’s friend told the officer he believed the suspect was having a nervous breakdown, but declined an offer to dispatch an ambulance to assist the suspect. The suspect’s friend said he would instead bring him home with him to South Boston and “give him cheese cake.” The suspect’s friend also told the officer that the suspect would be returning to San Francisco the following morning.

Both individuals then got into a vehicle and left the area without further incident.


Unpleasant dinner conversation

On Monday, Nov. 12, police responded to Mistral restaurant at 223 Columbus Ave., at which time the manager told them that the suspect became belligerent and was asked to leave the establishment.

The manager said the suspect was drinking at the bar seated next to a woman, who was unknown to him.  While the woman was eating dinner, the suspect offered her a job in an unspecified industry. The suspect then began talking to woman in a sexually explicit nature, which caused her to cry. A staff member overheard the exchange and reported it to the manager.

When the manager asked the suspect to leave, he charged at her in an aggressive manner that put her in fear for her safety. The suspect then began yelling and throwing around U.S. currency.

A restaurant valet walked the suspect outside, and he left the area.

The manager said they didn’t want the suspect to return to the area, and police advised her to call 9-1-1 if he returns.

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