Police Briefs 12-27-2018


Wrong number

On Monday, Dec. 17, police responded to a radio call for a reported robbery at 255 St. Botolph St.

On arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who said he was walking on St. Botolph Street to his New England Conservatory dormitory room, at which time the suspects came up behind him and grabbed his backpack.

When the victim turned around to confront the suspects, one of them pushed a black handgun against his chest. The armed suspect then ordered the victim to empty out his pockets. The victim, fearing for his safety, complied, and the suspects took his cell phone before fleeing on foot down St. Botolph Street towards Gainsborough Street.

The victim went inside his dormitory afterwards and reported the robbery to school security.

When the victim traced his phone on his laptop, it was located at 1045 Tremont St. An officer en route to that location was told there was a gun involved, but located no suspects on arrival.

The phone was then traced to Zeigler Street, but that also turned up negative results.

The victim said he was leaving for North Carolina, but would contact police regarding the phone when he returns on Jan. 11.

Bad taste

On Monday, Dec. 17, at around 11:25 p.m., officers responded to a radio call for an armed robbery across from Tasty Burger around 1295 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, police spoke with the victim who said she was robbed at knifepoint on Jersey Street between Boylston and Ipswich streets, where a male suspect approached the victim and demanded her purse at knifepoint.

The suspect then grabbed the victim’s green Coach handbag and ran down Jersey Street towards Fenway Park, at which time the victim lost sight of him. The victim told officers the only contents of her purse that she could recall were checks from work that she had already cashed.

Police gave the victim a ride home and informed her to notify her bank regarding the stolen checks in case the suspect was able to cash them.

Officers then searched the area around the crime scene for the suspect and the victim’s church to no avail.


On Tuesday, Dec. 18, at around 3:25 p.m., an officer patrolling the area of Boylston Street and the Prudential Center received a radio call for an assault and battery in progress at 900 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the victim, an employee at the Masonry at 448 Beacon St., who he said he got into a verbal argument with a coworker, and his coworker threatened to beat him up after work.

The victim said the suspect followed him to Boylston Street after work, and they began arguing again outside of the Pour House at 907 Boylston St. At this time, the victim said the suspect punched him in the face twice. The suspect then fled on foot down Boylston Street towards Fairfield Street.

The officer told the victim that a police report would be filed on the incident and advised him not to confront the suspect at work.

A search of the area for the suspect yielded negative results.

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