UPNA President Jamie Fox to Step Down from Leadership

After seven years of solid leadership, Union Park Neighborhood Association (UPNA) President Jamie Fox is stepping down from leadership in the coming year, ushering in new leadership from potential president John Schleer.

“After seven years as president, I am stepping down from the leadership of UPNA,” wrote Fox in a letter this week. “I have enjoyed my time in this role and have appreciated the support that so many of you have shown…Because of some significant travel plans as well as a large research grant that I recently was awarded, it would be difficult for me to put as much into this role as I have in the past. Still, contingent on the upcoming UPNA election, I do hope to remain a member of the UPNA Board, and in particular to continue overseeing our fund-raising efforts and the UPNA Club Card Program.”

Fox has led the association for several years, instituting a more active social calendar and several summer concerts in the Park. He also instituted the popular UPNA Club Card, which gives discounts to residents at local businesses and restaurants. He has also been very active in representing the UPNA at the quarterly South End Forum meetings.

However, Fox is also a very busy professor at Northeastern University, being the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law & Public Policy there. In addition, he has written a regular column in USA Today on criminology for many years.

His departure makes way for new leadership from the Union Park area.

Schleer is expected to become the new president of the association, but a vote is still necessary.

The Friends of Union Park is expected to continue under the leadership of Abigail Cohen, and the Activities Committee will still be chaired by Sue Ann Fox.

Jamie Fox said there are expected to be openings on the Board, and they are looking for people to be nominated or to self-nominate for the positions.

“I am seeking self-nominations for UPNA Board membership,” he said “The only restriction is that there can be no more than two Board members from the same building, be it a single-family, a several-unit condo, or a high rise. We welcome residents and business owners, even if they do not quite live or work within the UPNA boundaries, so long as they are active participants.”

The UPNA Board typically meets about three times per year, although certain pressing issues are handled through email votes. In addition to the officers–President, Vice President(s), Treasurer and Secretary-all selected by the full UPNA Board, the UPNA includes two major committees: Friends of Union Park (FUP) and Activities. Although both FUP and the Activities Committee are chaired by Board members, they also include folks who are not Board members.

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