For the Record

From the June 4 South End Landmarks District meeting, City Hall:


•172 West Brookline St. Violation: Ratification of unapproved front PVC air intake vent.

•275 Shawmut Ave. Violation: Ratification of unapproved commercial exhaust at rear of structure that rises above the gutter line.

•6 Columbus Square Violation: Ratification of unapproved front PVC air intake vent.

Design Review Hearing

•8 Union Park Street Proposed Work: Install hanging signage. 

•16 Appleton Street Proposed Work: Remove existing garden iron fence (non-contributing) and replace with new iron fence (See Additional Items in Administrative Review).

•32 Appleton Street Proposed Work: Install new roof deck and hatch, replace all existing windows. replace existing glass door transom and casing. Install new mechanical equipment on roof. (See Additional Items in Administrative Review).

•571 Tremont Street Proposed Work: At front façade, install new signage on sign band. At Union Park façade, install painted wall signage.

•3 Bond Street Proposed Work: Rebuild front and rear façade, replace front door, and add side lights. Remove and reconstruct rear portion of the roof and dormer due to structural condition, rebuild and construct shed dormer. Replace windows on front façade in kind. (See Additional Items in Administrative Review).

•194 West Springfield Street Proposed Work: Remove and reinstall existing roof deck.

•74 Appleton Street Proposed Work: Remove and replace existing roof deck floor boards.

•566 Columbus Avenue Proposed Work: Demolish existing (non-contributing) building and construct a six floor residential mixed-use residential structure.

•217 Albany Proposed Work: Demolish two story (non-contributing) structure and construct a 170 foot residential tower and adjacent digital billboard.

•45 West Newton Street Proposed Work: At front façade, level two, replace three 1 over 1 aluminum windows with three 2 over 2 aluminum-clad windows. Removed due to outstanding requirements.

•715-725 Tremont Street Proposed Work: At front façade, install signage near main entrance and management offices at 719 Tremont Street.

•599-627 Columbus Avenue Proposed Work: At all facades, replace all aluminum one over one windows with one over one aluminum windows. Encase existing wood brick mold with aluminum cladding.

Advisory Review

•85 West Newton Street: Update to the work performed

From the June 6 License Board hearing, 10 a.m., City Hall (Room 809A):

•Museum of Fine Arts d/b/a Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Fenway, have applied for a one day amendment to extend hours for Wednesday June 19, 2019 to 11:30 p.m. for film night summer series, event occurs outdoors on the front lawn.

From the June 6 Public Improvement Commission meeting, 10 a.m., City Hall (Room 801):

•On a petition by Cambridge Network Solutions for a Grant of Location with lead company status and two participants to install new telecommunication conduit with City shadow within the following public ways in Boston Proper:

Clarendon Street –  between St. James Avenue and Stuart Street, generally at address no. 200.

St. James Avenue – east of Clarendon Street.

•535 Commonwealth Ave., Beacon Street, Deerfield Street; Boston Proper – Specific Repairs, Projection License, Earth Retention License – On a set of petitions by RREF II Kenmore Lessor II LLC.

•Arlington Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Roxbury Street, West Fourth Street; Boston Proper, Brighton, Roxbury, South Boston – Grant of Location – On a set of petitions by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

From the June 6 Back Bay Archtitectural Commission, 11 a.m., City Hall (Room 709):

•Sub-committee continued discussion with Back Bay stakeholders regarding signage guidelines in the Commercial area of the Back Bay Architectural District. Review of BBAC Advisory Review of Building Directory Signage at 123; 125; 175; 207; and 211 Newbury Street; Overview of Building Types on Newbury Street; and Discussion of Signage Menu Options.

Order for a June 10 hearing at 5 p.m. to discuss the inclusionary development policy and affordable housing.

This matter is sponsored by Councilors Michael Flaherty and Ed Flynn and was referred to the Committee on Housing and Community Development on 1/9/2019.

From the June 11 Licensed Premise Violations hearing, 10 a.m., City Hall:

•Herreras Burrito’s

8 10  Park Plaza, Back Bay. Date: 04/03/2019. No Common Victualler License.

•Bc Back Bay, LLC, doing business as: By Chloe Back Bay, 399  Boylston St., Back Bay. Date: 04/03/2019. Non-renewal of Common Victauller License for 2019. No ISD Certificate.

•Sarkar International, Inc., doing business as: Chutney’s, 334  Massachusetts Ave., Back Bay. Date: 04/03/2019:  Expired CV License. Expired ISD Certificate 11/16/18.

•Chipotle Mexican Grill Of Colorado, LLC, doing business as: Chipotle Mexican Grill #2622, 8  Park Plaza, Back Bay. Date: 04/03/2019: Expired CV License. No State Building Certificate.

•Crazy Dough Pizza

8  Park Plaza, Back Bay. Date: 04/03/2019: No posted CV License.

From the June 11 Bay Village Historic Commission meeting, 4 p.m., City Hall (Room 709):

Design Review

•Marginal Road – Between Arlington Street and Fayette Street (Josiah Quincy Upper School): Replace existing City-owned light pole with a 6-sided metal pole painted to match the concrete color of the existing pole with metal cabinet base and small cell wireless antenna system at top of pole.

From the June 11 Bay State Road/Back Bay West Landmarks meeting, 5 p.m., City Hall (Room 709):

Design Review

•665 Commonwealth Avenue: Construction of Data Sciences Center, a 19-story building, that partially extends across the southern boundary of the Bay State Road/Back Bay West Area Architectural Conservation District. This project includes improvements to the adjacent private alley, Granby Street and Boston University open space at the corner of Granby Street and Bay State Road.

From the June 12 Back Bay Architectural Commission, 4:30 p.m., City Hall (Room 900):

Violations Committee – 4:30 p.m.

•134 Newbury Street: Unapproved audio speakers at front facade.

•168 Newbury Street: Unapproved audio speakers at front facade.

•376 Marlborough Street: Unapproved removal of two trees at front garden.

•199 Marlborough Street: Unapproved removal of one tree at front garden.

•31 Massachusetts Avenue: Unapproved installation of wall-mounted HVAC units.

Design Review – 5 p.m.

•205-207 Newbury Street: At front façade install three umbrellas on lower patios and signage at fence.

•855 Boylston Street: At front façade remove signage, clean masonry, replace entry doors and install canopy over entrance doors.

•108 Newbury Street: At Newbury Street façade install a storefront bump out and renovate entry and patio; and at Clarendon Street elevation remove black granite façade, repair and re-point masonry and enlarge window openings to create symmetrical façade.

•28 Exeter Street: At Exeter Street façade replace façade materials, lighting and signage.

•18 Newbury Street: At front façade replace existing storefront and enlarge glass openings; and at rear elevation replace metal doors in-kind, create accessible entry, install louvers in existing window openings, restore second-story covered window openings, remove window mounted fan, and refurbish/replace windows.

•233 Beacon Street: At rear elevation remove tree.

•353 Beacon Street: At roof install deck, headhouse, HVAC equipment, planters and lighting.

From the MassDOT Outdoor Advertising hearing, Ten Park Plaza, Room 6141:

The agenda includes application by JC Decaux Boston Inc. for permit to construct twenty six (26) units of digital street furniture at the following location(s):

•12 Park Plaza

Application 2019026 (existing structure, permit # 2001055, facing south)

•1 Charles Street South (at Park Plaza)

Application 2019027 (existing structure, permit # 2012010, facing south)

•200 Stuart Street

Application 2019028 (existing structure, permit # 2002315, facing east)

•217 Stuart Street

Application 2019029 (existing structure, permit # 2002265, facing east)

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