D-4 Police Briefs 08-15-2019

Dude, Where’s My Car?

On Sunday, Aug. 4, at around 8:30 a.m., a victim walked into District 4 headquarters to report he had fallen prey to auto theft.

The victim said he parked his father’s black Honda Civic in front of 339 Beacon St. at around 2:11 a.m. on Aug. 4. He further stated that he took a picture of the car’s location to help him remember where it was parked. When the victim returned to that location at around 5 a.m., it was gone, although a car he had parked behind was still there. He said that he searched the area for the car to no avail.

Police confirmed the car hadn’t been towed and completed a stolen motor-vehicle report and an auto the questionnaire.

The Stolen Car Unit was also notified of the matter.

Burgers and Bullets

On Sunday, Aug. 4, at approximately 11:30 a.m., police responded to a radio call for ballistics found at Tasty Burger at 1301 Boylston St.

On arrival, the officer spoke to an employee at the fast food restaurant who said that he located a silver/copper bullet inside Locker #12 in the men’s restroom.

The employee said he immediately notified his manager of his find, and his manager placed the bullet in the face.

The officer completed an evidence submission form and logged in the bullet to the Evidence Control Log.

Spittin’ Mad

On Thursday, Aug. 8, at about 2:14 p.m., officers assigned to the “Copley Walking Beat” arrested a man for disorderly conduct in the area of 587 Boylston St.

While responding to a separate incident at CVS Pharmacy, police saw an individual whom they had encountered earlier in their shift in the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library, where he was observed yelling and spitting on the ground near other visitors. Police escorted the man from library, issued him a verbal trespassing warning and told him that his behavior was inappropriate and to leave the area.

Police then observed the individual standing on the sidewalk on Boylston Street near the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library, which was saturated with foot traffic.

The individual, whom police described as “extremely animated,” was then seen screaming at passersby and spitting on the ground near their feet, causing them to divert from the natural paths in an effort to avoid him. Other pedestrians stopped and watched in horror at the man’s inappropriate behavior.

After officers approached the man and told him several times to refrain from yelling and spitting on the sidewalk, the man refused and said that was just invoking his First Amendment rights.

Police then placed the man under arrest and transported him to District 4 headquarters for booking without further incident.

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