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From the Aug. 27 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, City Hall:

•85-99 Berkeley St., South End. Applicant: 95 Berkeley Street Owner LLC

Purpose: Exterior facade restoration and roof replacement.

•1271 Boylston St., Fenway. Ward 5 Applicant: Fenway Enterprises 1271 Boylston Street LLC. Expand the number of hotel rooms at The Verb Hotel by adding ten (10) modular structures at the rear of the property. The modular structures will look like mobile home trailers but will be permanently affixed to the ground and utilities. Includes associated site work and utility work.

•285 Marlborough St., Back Bay. Applicant:  David Pratt

Purpose: Interior renovation per plans and specifications. Work includes modifications to the following; structural components, interior partitions, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, new elevator, interior finishes, new appliances.

•352-374 Massachusetts Ave., South End. Applicant: Mehran Atoufi

Purpose: Adding outdoor seating for a coffee shop located 374 Mass Ave., the outdoor seating measure 12 ft by 30 ft. 16 persons, currently the outdoor have a partial dirt floor and gravel, and replace with special pavement allowing water percolation.

•120 West Newton St., South End. Applicant: Ted Steckel

The work is listed under the original plans. This amendment is to remove the existing concrete slab in the basement, excavate down and pour a new slab 4 inches lower the existing slab.

•223 Northampton St., South End. Applicant: Gullwing Realty LLC (by John Gorman). Subdivide existing lot at 527 Mass Ave. into two lots. Erect a new 4 story 5 residential unit building with rear, and front decks. As per plans.

•768-772 Tremont St., South End. Applicant: George Morancy

Purpose:  Add two story vertical addition to existing building and change occupancy from dental offices, two apartments, restaurant #37 and #36A to dental offices, six apartments, restaurant #37 and #36A; interior renovations and install new elevator.

•37 West Newton Street, South End. Applicant: Greg Kanarian

Purpose: New roof deck on rear ell. Replace existing window with door to new rear deck.

•77 Worcester St., South End. Applicant: Bryan Jafry

Purpose: Build new roof head house and 10×19 ft deck.

•4 Ringgold St., South End. Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Purpose: Renovate top floor of house with roof deck. Stairway to roof. In buildings four or more stories, access to an occupied roof shall be provided through a penthouse.

•31 Milford St., South End. Applicant: Derek Gann

Purpose: Comprehensive renovation of the Rear Yard at 31 Milford Street.  Work to include :  demolition of existing rear fence, site work including excavation, trench and concrete work, framing of new deck, pergola and rear fencing, masonry work.

From the Aug. 28, 11 a.m., Hearing Regarding a Grant for the Boston Digital Archaeology Project. The Chair of the Committee is Councilor Matt O’Malley, and the Sponsor is Mayor Martin J. Walsh. Message and order authorizing the City of Boston to accept and expend the amount of $350,000 in the form of a grant, for the Boston Digital Archaeology Project, awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to be administered by the Environment Department. The grant will fund salary for an archaeologist to collect data and digitized findings and make them accessible to scholars and the general public.

From the Aug. 29 License Board One-Day Licenses, City Hall Rm. 809A, 10 a.m.:

•Chang Xin Global Creations Co d/b/a Bootleg Special, 400 Tremont St., South End, have applied to extend the closing hour til 2 a.m. for a private wedding after party on August 31.

•Unique Design Concepts LLC., King’s 50A Dalton St., Back Bay, have applied for an extension of closing hour til 4:00 AM for food and nonalcoholic drinks on 9/27/19 – 9/28/19 for the Final Australian Rules Football Match in its entirety, liquor service would stop at 2 a.m.

•Ipswich Entertainment Inc. d/b/a Loretta’s Last Call, 1 Lansdowne St., Fenway, have applied for an extension of License premise to serve beer and wine at the 15th Annual Phantom Gourmet Food Festival on September 21 between the hours of 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

From the Aug. 29, 2:30 p.m., Hearing Regarding Unreasonable and Excessive Noise Levels in the City of Boston. The Chair of the Committee is Councilor O’Malley. The sponsor of the docket is Councilor Garrison.

From the Sept. 3 South End Landmarks Hearing, City Hall Rm. 709, 5:30 p.m.:

Design Review

•530 Columbus Ave. Installation of vinyl signage at the storefront.

•83 Montgomery St. #3. At the roof, remove and reinstall existing roof deck.

•2 Milford St.  Replace seven original, two-over-two, double-hung, wood windows with new two-over-two, double-hung, wood windows.

•35 Bradford St. Replace existing rooftop mechanical equipment, visible from a public way.

•24 Worcester Sq. At the roof rebuild an existing roof deck.

•518 Shawmut Ave. #4. At the mansard level of the front façade, replace a five-part, non-historic bay window system with a three-part bay window with casements.

•45 West Newton St. At the rear roof level facing a public way, install a door.

•88 Waltham St. #5. At the second floor of the front façade, replace three non-historic six-over-six, double-hung, wood windows with two-over-two, double-hung, aluminum-clad windows.

•165 West Canton St. At the roof, install a sunken deck with black iron railing, hatch, skylights, and new HVAC units. At the side elevation which faces a public way, create new window openings.

•1767 Washington St. Construct an eight-story addition at the roof, construct a new building on the adjacent vacant parcel of land, and restore facades of former Hotel Alexandra.

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