Police Briefs 09-12-2019

Taste of Her Own Pepper Spray

On Sunday, Sept. 1, at about 6:05 p.m., police responded to a radio call for an assault and battery in progress at 569 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who said a male suspect riding a Blue Bike and an unknown female suspect attacked her while she was standing outside Dig Inn at 557 Boylston St. At this time, the suspects kicked the victim all over her body with shod feet and punched her in the head before stealing $65 that the victim kept inside her bra and fleeing down Boylston Street towards the Public Garden.

The victim, who was observed to have several lacerations on her face and nose, told police she attempted to pepper-spray the suspects, but inadvertently  sprayed herself in the face. The victim also told police that she didn’t know the suspects, nor did they brandish a weapon during the robbery.

Police broadcast a description of the suspects to fellow officers and searched the area for the suspects to no avail.

The victim declined medical attention at this time.

Bench Warmer

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, at approximately 6:40 p.m., officers from the District 4 Drug Control Unit conducted a drug investigation in the area of Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street – a location that has been the source of an overwhelming amount of 9-1-1 calls and other community complaints related to ongoing drug-related issues there.

At this time, officers were stopped in traffic at a red light at the aforementioned location heading towards Melnea Cass Boulevard the first male suspect sit down on a bus-stop bench and remove a plastic bag containing a tan substance believed to be narcotics from his left sock.

The first male suspect was then seen ripping the bag apart and handing a portion of it to another male suspect before placing the bag back inside his sock.

Officers then exited their unmarked vehicle and walked to the front of 794 Massachusetts Ave., where they approached the suspects and identified themselves as police. Police then observed numerous plastic bags containing a tan substance they believed to be fentanyl inside the pocket of the first suspect’s hoodie.

Officers notified the first suspect of their observations before taking custody of him and seizing 14 plastic bags of suspected fentanyl from his person, along with an empty, knotted plastic bag.

Police read the first suspect his Miranda rights before inquiring where he purchased the drugs. When the suspect refused to answer the question, he was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a Class A substance (fetanyl) with intent to distribute.

Plainclothes officers then located the second suspect and a female accomplice in the area of 1891 Washington St., identified themselves as police and after separating the two, asked the second suspect if he had any drugs on his person. Afterwards, police searched him and seized 10 plastic bags of suspected fentanyl, which the suspect claimed was for personal consumption.

The second suspect told police he purchased the drugs from someone on Massachusetts Avenue. After the suspect told police he had no syringes on his person, the suspect said that he only snorts fentanyl. A knife and cell phone were seized from the suspect before police placed him under arrest and transported him to District 4 headquarters for booking.

When police asked the female accomplice if she had any drugs in her possession, she removed suspected fetanyl from her pocketbook and handed it over to them. After she was advised of her Miranda rights, the woman told police she had purchased the drugs on Massachusetts Avenue earlier that day. Police advised the woman to seek treatment before informing her that she will be summonsed to Boston Municipal Court for possession of a Class A substance (fentanyl)

While in the holding cell, the first suspect was observed removing his right sock and apparently attempting to conceal something. Police recovered a plastic bag containing 10 smaller bags of suspected fentanyl, which the suspect asserted was for his personal use. He told police that he hadn’t sold any drugs on Massachusetts Avenue, nor had any money been exchanged for drugs at that time. When officers also seized $396 cash from the suspect, he claimed to have withdrawn the money from the bank earlier that day.

The total weight of the drugs was 31 grams in the plastic packaging, which, along with the seized cash, was logged in as evidence.

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