Police Briefs 11-27-2019

Hands Off

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, at about 2:03 a.m., police responded to a radio call for fight at 867 Boylston St.

On arrival, the officer spoke to a witness, who said an unknown male suspect had grabbed his girlfriend, and that he had to grab the suspect to get him off of his girlfriend.

The witness’ girlfriend told police that the suspect said something to her, but she ignored him. She then went to car and sat down while waiting for her boyfriend. When the suspect approached her car, she asked him to leave her alone.

The suspect ignored her request, however, and then grabbed her boyfriend by his clothing, pushed him back and slapped his face.

All parties were separated before police arrived.

The female victim said she wasn’t hurt and didn’t want to press charges.

Bad Call

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, officers responded to a radio call for an armed robbery at T-Mobile at 1180 Washington St.

While en route, police were notified two masked suspects had robbed two female of approximately 20 cell phones at gunpoint, and that one of phones had a tracking devise inside the box.

Officers then responded to 15 Holyoke St. – the location to where the phone had been tracked. During a search of the Southwest Corridor that runs parallel to Holyoke Street, police observed an individual matching the description of one of the suspects.

When officers attempted to speak to this individual he took off running down Public Alley 541, which runs behind Holyoke Street, and discarded a pair of Nike sneakers behind 30 Holyoke St.

Police continued to chase the suspect before they were able to stop him at the corner of Pembroke Street and Warren Avenue. Police also located a brush, white gloves and a receipt from Jerk Chicken in the vicinity.

Police couldn’t positively identify the individual as one of the suspects, however, so they released him after conducting a Field Intelligence Observation

Meanwhile, officers searching the Southwest Corridor observed an individual, who was later identified as the suspect who brandished the firearm. He was then charged with armed robbery while masked and transported to District 4 headquarters for booking.

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