Open Meeting Law Complaint Filed Against BBAC

A complaint alleging a violation of the state Open Meeting Law against the Back Bay Architectural Commission (BBAC) was filed by Samuel D. Perry of Chestnut Hill on Nov. 27.

According to the complaint filed with the Office of the Attorney General, Perry notes a prior citation of the BBAC by the Commonwealth’s Office of the Attorney General for another Open Meeting Law violation on Sept. 26, 2016, then describes his personal complaint.

The complaint reads: “email chain and letters sent by Samuel D. Perry to the Back Bay Architectural Commission pertaining to a request for public documents most recently dated November 1, 2019 where no response has been received.”

It continues on to say that “Superior Court Filing dated Oct. 31, 2019 following Back Bay Architectural Commission’s failure to allow taking of Defendant Back Bay Architectural Commission’s Depositions scheduled to commence on Oct. 22, 2019.”

Perry requests that the situation be investigated and “order Back Bay Architectural Commission to proceed with Depositions and to provide requested public records to Samuel D. Perry.”

According to city officials, the City of Boston had filed for an extension, and has until Jan. 17 to respond to the complaint. The matter is on the agenda for the Jan. 8 hearing of the Back Bay Architectural Commission, which is open to the public and the complaint will be discussed in more detail.

According to the document, within 14 business days after review, the public body is required to respond to the complaint in writing and a description of any action that will be taken to address the allegations.

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