Mayor Walsh Announces Temporary Parking Enforcement Changes

To address the transportation needs of residents, health care providers and businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, Mayor Martin Walsh and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) announced updated enforcement regulations and transportation services on Thursday afternoon, March 27.

“During this challenging time, we’re doing all we can to keep our residents healthy and safe,” said Mayor Walsh. “We understand transportation is a need and concern for residents and medical professionals, and these updated policies will help everyone during this ongoing public health crisis.”

A list of the garages in Downtown Boston offering free or reduced parking rates.

The following updates to parking enforcement policies are in effect until further notice in the City of Boston:

Resident Parking

Residents with a valid resident permit sticker will be allowed to park in a metered or two-hour parking space, without having to adhere to the time limit or pay a meter fee, within their specific neighborhood.

For cars without the relevant resident permit parking sticker, standard time limit and meter requirements remain in place.

•Street Cleaning

BTD has not been ticketing and towing for street cleaning, given challenges to finding alternative places to park in neighborhoods. Residents, however, have been asked to voluntarily move if they can on street cleaning day to allow proper and normal sanitation measures.

•Inspection Stickers and         Registration

BTD will not ticket for expired inspection stickers or registrations, given potential challenges for people to renew inspections and registrations at this time. This measure is a statewide initiative announced by MassDOT on Monday, March 23, during their Board meeting. The same is true for Driver’s Licenses that expire in March or April. A 60-day extension on those licenses (not for commercial driver’s licenses though) has been instituted and municipalities have been made aware of it.

•Parking Garages

To support the medical community, BTD has identified facilities offering free, reduced rate or reserved parking for medical professionals. To receive discounted parking, medical staff will need to present a hospital ID. Downtown parking garages participating can be seen in the chart to the left.


The City of Boston and its municipal partners of Brookline, Cambridge, Everett, and Somerville are offering all hospital staff a free 30-day pass for our public bike share, Bluebikes. To learn more about how to sign up for the program, visit .

•Pick Up/Drop Off Zones for Small Businesses

To help small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19, BTD is creating temporary pick up zones in front of restaurants that have transitioned to takeout and delivery only. Takeout food pickup zones restrict parking to five minutes to increase convenience for the quick pickup and delivery of takeout food from restaurants, and provide adequate room for social distancing of six feet or more. Restaurants that would like to request a temporary pick up zone can do so on Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

With the exception of those changes noted above, BTD will continue to enforce parking violations, with a focus on public safety violations, such as blocking a hydrant, sidewalk or handicap ramp.

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