Boston Properties Proposes Observation Deck, Public Pavilion for Prudential Center

Boston Properties has approached the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) with a proposal to add an observation deck at the top of the Prudential Center, as well as to build a public pavilion on the South Garden, which would facilitate access to the observatory and provide year-round programming, sources told the Sun.

The BPDA has determined that this would require an amendment to an existing Planned Developments Areas (PDA), which is defined by the BPDA as “ an overlay zoning district that establishes special zoning controls for large or complex projects.” The city as subsequently instructed Boston Properties to file the amendment, as well as to submit a “framing document” outlining the project’s design parameters in the coming weeks.

Upon hearing the news, State Rep. Jay Livingstone told the Sun, “I am looking forward to reviewing the details and understanding any impact on the community.”

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