Major Plumbing, HVAC Supplier to Locate Operations on Mass/Cass

A major plumbing supply house, F.W. Webb Company, has filed notice with the City to develop a more than three-acre lot in the heart of Mass/Cass into a major warehouse and distribution hub for their company.

The lot is on 55-115 Hampden St. and is at the corner of Melnea Cass Blvd. and Hampden Street – across the street from Crosstown Center and abutting the Orchard Gardens K-8 School. The lot is mostly vacant but contains the operations of J&J Metals, Bay State Spring and Max Ultimate Foods.

“The proposed project will be located on Lot 1 and consist of one new building containing approximately 66,600 sq. ft. and about 24,000 sq. ft. of subsurface parking,” read the Letter of Intent (LOI) to the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). “The project will be a facility for the Proponent’s business that will be used for warehouse, distribution and retail purposes.”

The project conforms to zoning in terms of use and requirements, but does trigger the Article 80 Large Project Review with the BPDA. Attorney Paul Feldman of Davis Malm said in the LOI they have started to reach out to stakeholders and looked forward to contributing to the Newmarket area.

“The proponent is committed to delivering a development that will further the goals of the Newmarket Industrial Development Area as it will redevelop vacant properties into a modern facility supporting the construction industry in a way that is sensitive to the quality of life of the surrounding neighborhoods,” read the letter.

He wrote they look forward to engaging other community stakeholders.

The full lot would be divided into two subdivisions – with the buildout being on a 1.97 acre Lot 1. A second 1.31 acre lot will also be created.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the homelessness and drug use issues that pervade that property and all of those around it. Sitting in the heart of the Mass/Cass corridor which is the zenith for the opioid crisis in New England, that will surely be a topic during the official reviews – just how the company intends to address the matter and any security measure they plan to put in place.

F.W. Webb is one of the largest suppliers of plumbing and HVAC supplies in New England, including 15 core specialties like plumbing, heating, valves, pipes, fittings, water systems and fire protection systems.

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