Letter to the Editor

Takes Issue With BPL Staff Decisions

Dear Editor,

By what measures (consumer satisfaction, program development, community involvement) did the BPL decide to terminate Librarian Anne Smart and (another South End branch librarian)? Because by the measures noted above, they get a grade of “ excellent” on all of them.
This is an ill-conceived and quite frankly, moronic, decision on the part of the BPL. Is there an hidden agenda here to which none of us is privy? Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.
In any case, what the BPL has done is detrimental to our community.
Please, for the good of the South End community, reinstate these two valuable BPL employees.

Carol & Frank Feldman 
Don& Liane Crawford 

Supporting Michelle Wu

Dear Editor,

Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu is the only candidate running for Mayor that has a plan to create a renewable energy future, revitalize the economy, create thousands of jobs and save our planet through a Boston Green New Deal. She knows we need transformative environmental policy not only now but also to build a sustainable future.

That’s why I’m proud to support Michelle for Mayor. It’s no surprise that she has earned the endorsement of many respected environmental groups like the Boston Sunrise Movement, Environmental League of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Sierra Club. Through bold leadership alongside community organizers and activists, Michelle will continue putting the environment front and center, while reversing harmful policies.

As a resident and practicing physician in Boston, I see the health effects of climate change regularly. We need to move forward with the level of urgency that the climate crisis demands – failure on the environment has led to widespread negative health impacts, disproportionately affecting communities of color.  It is heartening to see the issues we face on climate change have never stopped being a priority for Michelle.  Michelle has earned my vote because she has shown that she is more than ready to tackle these issues fully. 

Jarone Lee, MD


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