Projects Deferred/ Withdrawn at the ZBA

A proposal for a rooftop addition at 95-97 Broadway in Bay Village was deferred at the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on November 16. Meichi Peng of Meichi Peng Design Studio had come before the Bay Village Historic District Commission for two different advisory reviews but attorney Mike Ross said at the ZBA hearing that “we do not yet have our GCOD,” but was ready to discuss the other violations, which include roof structure restrictions, excessive Floor Area Ratio, insufficient rear yard, and change the occupancy from an office to an office and two residential units.

ZBA Chair Christine Araujo said that “we’d prefer to wrap it up as a package,” so the project will return before the ZBA on January 11 at 12:30.

Additionally, a proposal at 191 Commonwealth Ave. to change the use from 16 to 20 apartments as well as make upgrades to the electrical, alarm, and sprinkler systems was withdrawn by applicant Vernon Woodworth.

Woodworth said that the reason for the withdrawal is because the proponents are looking “to redefine our application with ISD.” He said once the project is worked out, they will return to the ZBA seeking relief for violations.

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