Letter to the Editor

I am Appaled

Dear Editor:

As a reader of your newspaper, I am appalled at your editorial in the Feb. 24 edition seemingly omitting on purpose mention of President Biden’s disastrous decisions to suspend the Keystone XL pipeline and forbidding drilling on Federal lands as reasons behind skyrocketing prices of our domestic energy supplies.  

Instead, your paper editorializes the causes being that US oil producers have conspired with Middle Eastern and Russia to limit energy production, and that a nationalization of our private oil producers is an answer to energy insufficiency.

It seems that in your eyes, nationalization of anything is the answer.  We only have to look to see how our government has handled the COVID-19 crisis to see the folly of this answer, particularly during this past year of the Biden administration where lamentable deaths from this virus have outnumbered those during the Trump administration.  Compare these to Sweden, a country that never had lockdowns or mandatory mask-wearing, and deaths per capital from COVID are remarkably lower than in the rest of Europe and the US.  Or look to see how government agencies like the USPS and HHS are the answers to everyday problems.

In all probability, had he been in office in 2020, we might have waited a year or two for the Biden administration to decide whether to fund conventional means of vaccine production vs. the new technology of rmRNA production, and thus have missed a good part of 2021 benefitting from available vaccines.

Please try to remember recent history when you editorialize in the future.

James Keeney

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