BLC approves two DAS nodes near the Public Garden

The Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) on June 28 approved the replacement of two new light poles with DAS nodes in the the area of the Boston Public Garden.

This application was continued from last month’s hearing, and Keenan Brinn, a representative for ExteNet Systems, provided the presentation.

Brinn said that the purpose of these DAS nodes, which have been coming fairly often to the city’s various landmarks commissions for review in recent years, is to provide “additional capacity so that more people can use the phone simultaneously.”

He said that these cells “really service 150 to 200 feet” and are “very small.” They do not put out much power, so that’s why several are needed in an area to help ensure there is enough service provided.

Brinn discussed options to put the equipment at the base of the poles, or to keep the base as it currently exists and mount the equipment about halfway up the pole.

The first pole is located on Charles St. fairly close to the Beacon St. intersection.

“The sidewalk is not as generous as you might think there,” said Commissioner David Berarducci. Because of this, the Commission voted to approve this pole with the equipment halfway up the pole to allow for as much sidewalk room as possible for pedestrians.

The second pole was proposed to be further up Charles St., closer to Boylston St. The same options were offered for this location, and because the “sidewalk is somewhat cramped there” as well, Berarducci said, the Commission again chose to approve this and locate the equipment halfway up the pole.

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