Attack on Harrison Avenue Raises Eyebrows,Institutional Security Issues

By Seth Daniel

The woman was walking casually near her home at the GTI building on Harrison Avenue.

It was broad daylight, just after 8 a.m. on Friday, July 22.

She was looking at her phone.

The man was in a T-Shirt and shorts on the other side of the street.

He seemed agitated, but nothing that out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, the man turned and ran full speed across the street towards the woman, not even breaking stride for an oncoming car.

The woman recognized his charge, but it was too late, and he proceeded to beat her about the head and knock her to the ground – kicking and hitting her mercilessly.

Many people watched and did nothing.

One man pulling a suitcase on the other side of the street watched it happen, and then just continued on his way.

However, one woman driving by stopped her car. She got out and distracted the attacker – calling on the woman to run. The victim staggered up, stumbled into the street and accompanied the Good Samaritan to her car – jumping into the passenger seat. The Good Samaritan moved quickly as the attacking man began to advance towards the car.

She closed and locked the passenger door and ran to the driver’s side.

The attacker reached the car and tried in vain to open the door.

The two women hit the gas and make their escape.

That scene at Harrison and Thayer Street was caught on a security video that has been circulating like wildfire across the South End. The brutality of the attack, and it’s total random nature in broad daylight, has been very disturbing to many folks. In response, they are asking for answers, wondering if more outside security from the Pine Street Inn and other social service agencies is necessary and praising the Good Samaritan – who has not been identified publicly.

Police did not respond to an inquiry from the Sun for comment on the case.

The incident, whose victim was a resident of the GTI building, has sparked comment from the Old Dover Neighborhood Association, who thanked the Good Samaritan and indicated they are meeting with stakeholders.

“The Old Dover Neighborhood Association and our neighbors are obviously very concerned that this unfortunate incident occurred in our neighborhood,” said Ken Smith, president of Old Dover. “We are grateful for both Good Samaritans who acted so quickly to assist the woman who was affected. We are meeting to discuss next steps to work toward mitigating such incidents from occurring in the future. We are not able to comment any further on something that is under investigation.”

Some in the community are also asking questions about the security force at the Pine Street Inn and are hoping that the shelter can apprise residents on how the security operates and when. Many want to know where they were during the attack, as there is an entrance across the street.

It was not immediately known if police made an arrest of the man, or if he is still at-large. The victim was taken to Tufts Emergency Room by the Good Samaritan and treated for injuries to her rotator cuff, face, elbows and neck.

The matter is still under investigation, though, by police.

Check out the Boston Sun Twitter feed (@TheBostonSun) to view the full security video footage of the incident.

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