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Good coverage

Dear Editor:

Thank you to Beth Treffeisen for her excellent coverage of Boston’s gas leaks—their number and the lack of attention being paid to them. A problem I recently encountered, and would appreciate information about if you write again was trying to report a leak at the front of the taxicab waiting line at Beacon and Tremont across from the Parker House.  I had smelled it getting into a cab, mentioned it to the driver, and he said that, yes, it was very worrisome because they sit above it for some time.

When I called 311 to report it, they went into overdrive, asked if I wanted an immediate ambulance, police, fire truck….  No, I just want to report the leak.  I think they forwarded me to the EMTs. Whatever, it wasn’t a useful place.  What I had hoped for was to report it to National Grid and the city so something would be done about it to protect the cabbies.

Thank you again.

Ann Hershfang

Readers support candidate Katie Forde for Suffolk County Register of Deeds

Dear Editor:

We are writing in support of Katie Forde, a candidate for Suffolk County Register of Deeds. The Democratic primary election is Thursday, September 8.

While the role of Register of Deeds seems obscure to most people, it is, in fact, an important role for anyone who owns property. The Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining a permanent public record of documents such as deeds, mortgages, surveyor and architectural plans, liens and certificates of title.

Making the Registry of Deeds be a more effective government agency doesn’t fall into the category of exciting. Nonetheless, as Democrats, we believe government can and should work well, and Register of Deeds is a job that must be done well to protect property owners.

As members of Boston’s Ward 5 Democratic Committee, we heard from Katie and other candidates in the race. We think she’s the most qualified. She has a strong vision for the office, seeing it as an opportunity to educate and protect consumers. You can learn more at www.katieforde.com.

We urge you to vote for Katie Forde on September 8.


Kenzie Bok, Melrose Street

Chris Donnelly, West Cedar Street

Ross Levanto, Myrtle Street

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