Have A Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween will be observed this Monday, and that means that  scores of children and others will be roaming our streets during the early-evening hours as they go about their ritual of trick-or-treating in our neighborhoods.

It is up to each one of us to be extra-observant if we are operating a  motor vehicle during this time period in order to ensure that a tragic situation does not occur.

Safety is the watchword for everyone both behind the wheel of a car on Halloween night and for those who are on the streets as well. Common-sense must prevail when traversing our thoroughfares on foot, especially if we have young children in tow who are over-eager to get to their next stop in the pursuit of candy.

In addition, parents of teenagers must be strict in laying down the rules about trick-or-treating or late-night  revelry, especially given that Halloween falls on a school night.

Halloween does not permit parents to abdicate their responsibilities to ensure that their teens understand they must be home at a reasonable hour and that they are not to engage in mischief.

We wish all of our readers a safe and happy Halloween.

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