Emilio’s Pizzeria to Close

By Seth Daniel

The neon lights may soon go off, and quick delivery of affordable, hot pizza or calzones could be a memory of the past if reports are correct that the eating institution Emilio’s Pizza on Tremont Street will close due to the owner’s medical issues.

According to Boston Eater and Boston Restaurant Talk, the 40-year-old restaurant across from the Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont Street – also one of the largest delivery restaurants in the neighborhood – will soon close due to the owner, Emilio Ventouris suffering a severe back injury that will require him to leave the business.

A call to Emilio’s on Wednesday did not confirm the reports, with a worker simply saying he didn’t know when they would actually close down.

“I can take your order if you want though,” he quipped.

Boston Restaurant Talk reported that other restaurants under the ownership of Ventouris are also slated for closing, including one in Quincy.

For many in the neighborhood, the absence of Emilio’s takes an affordable option away from the upper reaches of the South End’s Tremont Street. Most restaurants there are more formal and pricey. It was one of the remaining old-time pizza places in the area, especially for delivery.

The story was first Tweeted by the Boston Guardian on Monday.

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