Boston Athenaeum to Showcase Local Contemporary Artists in Spring Exhibition, Opening April 6

New England on Paper: Contemporary Art in the Boston Athenæum’s Prints & Photographs Collection Reflects Artistic Interpretations of New England’s Built and Natural Environment

Boston, MA—April 4, 2017—The Boston Athenæum announced today that its spring exhibition will be New England on Paper: Contemporary Art in the Boston Athenæum’s Prints & Photographs Collection. The exhibition, which will run from April 6 to September 3, 2017, is curated by Catharina Slautterback, Curator of Prints & Photographs at the Boston Athenæum. A public gallery opening will take place on April 5.

New England on Paper features a diverse selection of contemporary prints, drawings, and photographs by New England artists purchased by the Athenæum since the year 2000. These objects demonstrate a variety of artistic responses to the region’s urban and rural society and culture. A broad range of media will be represented in the exhibition, from linocuts, lithographs, and white-line woodcuts to hand-toned silver gelatin prints and digital photographs. Artists’ statements will accompany their own works, providing a glimpse into the artistic philosophy of some of New England’s finest artists and artisans.

Curator Catharina Slautterback views the exhibition as a continuation of a longstanding Athenæum tradition: “New England on Paper reflects the Athenæum’s practice of collecting works of art on paper that document New England and the work of regional artists.” As for her approach to collecting for the Athenæum in the 21st century, Slautterback expresses delight in discovering new regional talent. She is committed to curating a highly diverse collection of contemporary works and enthusiastic to have the opportunity: “It is wonderful to emerge from our historic 19th-century collections and work with current artists, whose integrity and dedication never fail to astound.”

Every work in the exhibition was acquired with support from the Francis Hovey Howe Print Fund, established in 2000 in honor of its namesake—a Trustee emerita (1917-2000), early childhood education specialist, and contemporary art collector—through generous gifts from Trustees and members. Established to support regional artists, the fund has facilitated the creation of a sizeable repository of works on paper by contemporary New England artists, a 21st collection that complements and relates to the Athenæum’s historic graphic materials documenting New England society and culture.

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