Marijuana Dispensary May Come to Newbury St

By Beth Treffeisen

At the Boston City Council hearing held on Wednesday, June 14, Councilor Josh Zakim filed for a hearing regarding a medical marijuana dispensary at 331 Newbury Street in the Back Bay.

“I’ve personally have not come to a determination on whether this operator in this location is right, but I look forward to giving them a fair and open hearing here in this body and either moving along or not in this process,” said Zakim.

Compassionate Organics a non-profit medical marijuana company is seeking approval to open a dispensary on Newbury Street after failing to gain approval from the Boston City Council for a Harvard Ave. location in Allston.

This dispensary will be located near the Hynes MBTA station,  a short distance from the nearby Trident Booksellers & Café, Boston Smoke Shop and Newbury Comics, which are frequently visited by nearby college students.

In order to advance further in the process, Compassionate Organics must obtain a letter of support or non-opposition from the Mayor of Boston or the Boston City Council.

Despite Massachusetts Lawmakers proposing to change the voter-approved marijuana law once again, Zakim said this is still the standard requirement under the current regulatory regime.

If this applicant is given a letter of non-opposition from the Boston City Council it will move on to the State Department of Public Health for further review.

It will then ultimately go to the Zoning Board of Appeals here in the City of Boston to make sure that the dispensary is compliant with all regulations and is in an appropriate location and operator.

“I certainly expect to hear from neighbors, residents, other businesses in the area and I look forward to having a hearing on this,” said Zakim.

A scheduled hearing date has not been announced yet.

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