South End Landmarks Commission Updates

The South End Landmarks Commission (SELC) ratified the unapproved installation of a black wrought iron fencing at the front side and rear side yards of 36 Claremont Park in the South End. The violation was a result of a contractor not applying for building permit to learn that it needed approval by the SELC. Residents apologized for the mistake and said it won’t happen again.

The Villa Victoria Church asked the SELC for permission to make masonry repairs on the façade, repair front steps, replace windows in church, and new roofing. Questions arose of how the applicant plans to keep and restore original wood tracery on windows and fix the stained-glass windows remaining in the building. A motion was made to approve the windows in concept on retaining original wood tracery and approval was made on brick-and-masonry work. A subcommittee was established to work with applicant on other details.

A new restaurant called “Southern Proper” has proposed new signage as part of the Gerard building. The applicant got permission to have seasonal outdoor seating that will be on a wooden patio that can be removed.

At 552 Columbus Ave., the store called “Glamour District” asked for permission to add a barrel awning to cover up an unattractive air conditioning unit and new signage. The concept was approved in concept but the applicant needs to return with more detailed sketches.

Concept Properties a real estate firm will, now occupy David’s Tea that was located at 661 Tremont St. The installation of a projecting sign was approved.

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