Related Beal Reduces Units at Quinzani’s Project, to go before BPDA

By Seth Daniel

Related Beal is returning to the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) today, Nov. 16, to request a reduction of units to their proposed residential building at the former Quinzani’s Bakery site on Harrison Avenue.

Related will appear before the BPDA Board to request a change in the project, which was approved by the Board in May. The change involves cutting off 41 units, but retaining most everything else – including the numbers of parking spots and the amount of retail.

The numbers of units will be reduced from 324 to 273 units.

The developer had little to say prior to the Board meeting about the change – which will actually result in more condo units and fewer apartments.

“The unit change is a result of programming and the natural design process,” remarked the developer in a statement.

The original project involved demolishing the two, existing industrial buildings and creating a 14-story (150 feet or lower) building with 324 units (218 rental units and 96 condos).

Now, the building height and size will stay the same, and there will be 41 fewer units, with 172 apartments and 101 condos.

The 8,500 square feet of retail space are unchanged in the plan, as are the 180 spaces of underground parking.

The move might have something to do with an increasingly stronger condo market. A handful of apartment projects recently have filed project changes in order to have more ownership units. Developers on those projects have stated that the ownership market is strengthening in recent months over rental market.

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