South End Very Close to Getting a Seat at the Airport Table

By Seth Daniel

The South End is one step closer to joining East Boston and South Boston with a permanent seat at the Logan Airport table.

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz reported that his bill to give the South End a permanent seat at the Logan Airport Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has been reported out of committee favorably.

Michlewitz filed his bill last year after complaints about early morning flights over the South End came to a breaking point. Having a seat on the CAC will guarantee that the South End’s concerns, particularly about flights going over before 6 a.m., will be heard.

“We are very happy to report that the bill has been released favorably from the Committee on Transportation and the Committee on Steering and Policy and now sits in the Committee on Third Reading, which is the final step before it potentially heads to the House floor for a vote,” said Michlewitz this week. “We are very excited to see the bill make progress through the legislative process and hope to have it pass the House as quickly as possible.”

He said he continues to make the case that the South End needs and deserves a voice on the Logan CAC, especially in light of the increased air traffic the neighborhood has experienced in recent years.

“An appointment on the Logan CAC will give the South End a permanent seat at the table in discussions of community impacts due to the continued growth of Logan,” he said.

Right now the only neighborhoods that have individual appointments are South Boston and East Boston. The rest of the Boston appointments can come from anywhere in the city.

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