Police Briefs 03-08-2018


Fender bender

On Sunday, Feb. 26, at about 12:12 a.m., police responded to a radio call for a car colliding with a city lamppost at 120 Clarendon St.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a male, identified as the driver, leaning against the post alongside his vehicle, which had all its airbags deployed and had sustained severe, front-end damage.

Boston firefighters were on the scene trying to determine whether the man was injured, while he was unable to articulate what had happened, and kept “nodding off,” apparently due to his drug-induced condition. The individual’s eyes, meanwhile, looked like “pinpoints,” and he was unable to stand on his own and kept scratching his face and arms, the officer said.

Responding paramedics safely disposed of various hypodermic needles found around the man’s vehicle before transporting him to Tufts Medical Center via ambulance for further evaluation.

Witnesses on the scene told police they observed the man drive a car from the Park Plaza Hotel and up St. James Place towards Clarendon Street, at which time he collided with another vehicle without stopping. Both witnesses then chased the suspect’s vehicle until he collided with the lamppost. When the suspect got out of the car and ran away, the witnesses gave chase and caught up him, at which time he said he was fine.

The witnesses said they were able to keep up with the suspect’s vehicle since he was only doing about 2 mph.

The officer left a note for the owner of the other vehicle, which sustained minor damage to the front fender on its driver’s side, telling him that a report would be filed, and to contact the police for more information. Roberts Towing, meanwhile, removed the suspect’s car from the scene.

The driver was cited for leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage and operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Big payback

On Saturday, March 3, at approximately 12:15 a.m., officers responded to a call for a robbery in progress at 130 Dartmouth St.

On arrival, police spoke to a Copley Place custodian, who said three unknown male suspects approached him while he was working inside the parking garage at 130 Dartmouth St. One suspect allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat while another removed the victim’s cell phone from his pocket. The thirds suspect, meanwhile, removed the victim’s wallet containing cash, a credit card and a state driver’s license.

The victim said he had never seen the suspects before, but that one of them accused him from staling money from his vehicle when it was parked in the garage about a month earlier. The suspect said he expected the victim to call his cell phone later to make arrangements to reimburse the suspect for the missing money.

EMTs treated the victim on the scene before releasing him.

Unwanted guest

On Sunday, March 4, at around 10:23 a.m., police responded to a radio call at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 801 Massachusetts Ave. for a report of a guest using drugs.

On arrival, the officer met with two security guards inside a fifth-floor room who said an individual staying in the room might’ve been smoking marijuana or methamphetamine.

The officer observed a pipe on the dresser that appeared to have white residue on it, as well as three, small plastic bags containing white residue, all of which were seized as evidence.

After the erstwhile guest declined medical attention, the officer escorted him from the premises without incident.

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