Police Briefs 03-29-2018

Crosswalk catastrophe

On Monday, March 19, at about 10:19 a.m., police responded to a radio call for a pedestrian struck by an automobile at West Dedham and Washington streets.

Upon arrival, the officer observed the victim as she was escorted into an ambulance while a Jeep Grand Cherokee was parked in front of a nearby bus stop. Police then ordered the driver of the Jeep to remain on the scene.

Meanwhile, the officer spoke to the victim in the ambulance who said she was in the crosswalk at Washington Street and West Dedham Street when the Jeep struck her in the side of her left leg, causing her to fall to the ground. At this time, she said the vehicle didn’t come to a complete stop and continued to roll forward a short distance. The victim told the officer wasn’t sure if the walk signal was activated when she crossed the street, but she said she didn’t see any vehicles coming towards her. The victim was able to get up and walk to the sidewalk, but complained of suffering from pain in both legs.

The driver told police she was traveling down Washington Street and made a left-hand turn onto West Dedham Street. She said she had a green light at this time and didn’t see the victim in the crosswalk.

The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center for further evaluation while the driver was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Currency exchange

On Tuesday, March 20, at approximately 1:28 a.m., an officer responded to a reported robbery at 628 Massachusetts Ave.

On arrival, police spoke to the female victim, who appeared to be highly intoxicated. She said she walking in the area of Shawmut Avenue and Northampton Street when an unknown male suspect approached her and asked her for change for $5. When she pulled out her wallet, the suspect grabbed the money from her hand before punching and kicking her in the back. The suspect then fled towards Huntington Avenue.

The victim told police she would seek medical attention at Boston Medical Center.

Shaky on his feet

On Wednesday, March 21, at about 2:30 p.m., police responded to a radio call for an unconscious person at the Commonwealth Avenue Mall at Commonwealth Avenue and Arlington Street.

Upon arrival, officers observed paramedics helping the man, who is known to them for his excessive alcohol consumption, to his feet.

Paramedics transported the man to Tufts Medical Center, where they recommended a Section 35, which allows state courts to involuntarily commit someone who has an alcohol or substance use disorder.

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