Tremont Street staples close, making way for Japanese concept Art

The last Tremont Taco Tuesday has digested.

After nearly 20 years on the corner of Tremont and West Brookline, Chef/owner Andy Husbands has closed up his neighborhood-friendly and fun restaurant duo of Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel to focus on a BBQ concept, while making way for a Japanese brasserie purportedly brought by chef Tim Maslow.

Husbands told the Sun there wasn’t much to report as of yet with the new concept, but that he will be involved.

Reports for the past month have had Maslow opening in the Tremont 647 spaces for a Japanese concept called ‘Whaling in Oklahoma.’ Indeed, at a License Board hearing Wednesday, after Sun deadlines, Husbands was transferring his licenses to Whaling in Oklahoma.

The License Board hearing focused on the transfer of the all alcohol and common victualler licenses from Tremont 647 to Whaling in Oklahoma. It also addressed a reorganization of Husband’s company to an LLC listed under Husbands.

Husbands already has a concept outside of the South End called The Smoke Shop BBQ, and he indicated he would concentrate on that.

Husbands and his business partner Chris Hart opened the restaurant in 1996, and in a letter posted on the restaurant website, he said they would have never expected to stay open more than 20 years.

“Since 1996 we’ve seen the neighborhood and world change all from the corner of Tremont and West Brookline Streets,” he wrote. “We’ve seen the economy up and we’ve seen it down. We’ve opened during the biggest snow storms, and of course we will never forget the time we flooded along with the whole South End many years ago. We’ve been a spot for birthdays, first dates, anniversaries, engagements, rehearsal dinners and weddings; our Pajama Brunch and Taco Tuesday have played hosts to thousands of groups of friends creating memories. And our staff and regular patrons have formed truly special bonds over the years. It is truly an honor to have been part of the ever changing and growing Boston dining scene, and most important, a part of the South End community.”

Maslow will reportedly combine efforts with restaurateur Brian Lesser. His last venture was Brookline’s Ribelle, which closed in 2016.

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