Byron Rushing Endorsed by Key Neighborhood and Community Groups

This week, State Rep. Byron Rushing announced that he has been endorsed in his re-election bid by the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Baystate Stonewall Democrats and Boston Ward 9 Democrats.

“Our membership voted unanimously to endorse Rep. Rushing in his reelection bid because he stood up to the NRA and helped pass an assault weapons ban and this year fought to pass ERPO “ said Jeff Ross, chair of the committee.

Extreme risk protection orders “ERPO” is a bill that allows family members and law enforcement to go to court and remove guns out of the hands of persons that are at risk to themselves or others.

Rushing was integral to victory on behalf of the LGBTQ community during the marriage equality battle and has been a champion for issues of justice and equality across the board.  His endorsement by the Stonewall Democrats, a gay rights group, reflects his work on marriage equality and other issues of justice.

Rushing said that the announcement is big for him, but he knows there’s work to be done before the primary on Sept. 4.

“The democratic process includes neighborhood groups and community organizations, like Planned Parenthood, speaking out for people running for office and sending a public message that the values I hold, reflect neighborhood priorities. I’m moved that they put their faith and trust in me to continue to bring our shared values to the State House,” Rushing said.

Rushing is running for re-election to the office of state representative for the 9th Suffolk District, which includes parts of the Back Bay, South End, Fenway and Roxbury in the City of Boston, and faces two challengers in the democratic primary Sept. 4.

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