Police Briefs 07-05-2018

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On Monday, June 25, at about 11:15 a.m., police responded to a radio call for a fight in the lobby of the Yawkey Building at 850 Harrison Ave.

Upon arrival, officers met with Boston Medical Center security guards, who said there had been an altercation on Harrison Avenue, and that was currently inside the lobby of the hospital. One security guard told police that after a female victim picked up money that had fallen to the ground, another woman had assaulted her in an effort to get the money back.

Police then met the victim outside the hospital and observed minor scrapes on her face. The victim said she had placed a $20 bill in her bra after picking it up off the ground and was attempting to locate its owner when a woman struck the victim in the face and attempted to seize the money from her bra.

Inside the hospital, police spoke to the suspect, who said her friend had dropped $20 on the ground, and when she saw the victim pick it up and attempt to walk away, she gave chase after the victim. When the suspect tried to retrieve the money from the victim, the suspect said a physical altercation between the two ensued. Afterwards, the suspect said the victim agreed to give her $10, although she didn’t admit to stealing the money.

Meanwhile, a witness on the scene told police said she saw the victim pick the money up off the ground and the suspect attempt to get it back before the two began fighting.

Police couldn’t ascertain who the money actually belonged to and advised the alleged victim and suspect to stay from each other and leave the area.



On Tuesday, June 26, at around 11:20 a.m., a victim walked into District 4 headquarters to report that her purse had been stolen outside CVS Pharmacy at 587 Boylston St. the previous evening at approximately 10:20 p.m.

The victim said she and her son were walking down Boylston Street towards the Boston Common when a man on a black scooter wearing a red helmet and dark leather jacket rode up behind the victim and snatched away her purse before driving down the sidewalk towards the park.

The victim’s son told police prior to the incident, he observed the suspect and another man in a black helmet both riding scooters in the area.

The victim said three credit cards in the purse had since been made to make purchases at numerous local businesses.

Police advised the victim to cancel the cards that were inside her purse.

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