School’s Out — Drive Carefully

With the school year having just ended (thanks to all those snow days that lengthened the school year), motorists need to adjust their driving habits to take into account that children will be in our streets all day long and into the evening.

Although operating a motor vehicle during the school year presents its own challenges because of school buses and crossing guards that require our special attention, for the most part, the workday and evening commute are free from children in the streets.

However, with the summer vacation season now upon us, children of all ages will be out and about and doing the things that kids do in the summer, which means there will be increased bicycle riding and pedestrian traffic.

And, kids being kids, that often might mean playing in the street, darting out into the street to chase a loose ball, and hanging out after dark.

What all of this means for those of us driving our cars during the summer is that we must be extra-vigilant and cautious and be attuned to the potential for young people chasing their balls or their dogs into the street without looking.

Watchful and defensive driving is never more important than in the summer when pedestrian traffic is at its highest. Obeying all of the traffic laws, especially stopping for stop signs, obeying traffic lights, and yielding to pedestrians in cross-walks are of utmost priority.

But the biggest factor we can create in reducing the possibility of a tragedy is to drive slowly. All of us must obey the speed limit laws, and even drive below the limits if circumstances warrant.

We can assure all of our readers that no one wants to be part of a tragedy that could have been avoided if only we had been driving with care.

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