Wayfair.com Leases 400K Square Feet in Back Bay to Complement Copley HQ

Wayfair.com confirmed that they have finalized a lease in the Back Bay to take 395,000 sq. ft. of office space in 500 Boylston/222 Berkeley St. – a move that would be in addition to their existing headquarters in Copley Square.

Susan Frechette of Wayfair told the Sun that the new space will accommodate 4,000 workers and they plan to start moving people in during the early months of 2019.

“The buildings are connected to each other and we will be on several floors that span both buildings,” she wrote in an e-mail. “We will not be taking any retail space in that location. We will convert the second floor of what is currently the Marshalls location at 500 Boylston into office space.”

The Marshall’s on the first and second floor of 500 Boylston St. closed last month.

NABB President Martyn Roetter said the neighborhood group had not reviewed any plans and likely wouldn’t with a simple lease of space. He did say NABB welcomes business locating to the Back Bay, especially those that fill vacant space, as in the case of the Marshall’s.

Frechette said they had not yet determined which employees and teams will be located in their new space, but would make that determination as they get closer to the move-in date.

“The new space is to accommodate additional growth,” she wrote. “As we get closer to the move-in date, we will determine which people and teams will move there. The location is an extension of our existing corporate headquarters in the Back Bay.”

Bldup.com reported the breakdown of the lease in that Wayfair would take 200,433 sq. ft. on floors 2-4 and 6-9 at 222 Berkeley. They would take 194,681 sq. ft. on floors 2-3 and 6-10 at 500 Boylston.

Wayfair is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the nation, mostly selling home goods online.

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