Police Briefs 08-09-2018



On Sunday, Aug. 5, at approximately 2:35 a.m., officers responded to a radio call to remove an intoxicated man who was kicking over cones at a construction site at the corner of Park Drive and Queensbury Street.

Upon arrival, police observed the suspect standing inside the cordoned-off construction zone. A National Grid employee on the scene told police the suspect had walked into the area, complained about the nature of their work and began kicking over cones in a rage.

Despite repeated requests from National Grid employees, the suspect refused to leave the area until the arrival of State Police. The suspect left the area at the insistence of a state trooper, but returned as soon as the trooper departed and began kicking cones and harassing workers.

Police told the suspect to leave the construction zone so the National Grid employees could continue working. The suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol, insisted that it was right to be there and refused to leave the area. After refusing to leave after numerous more requests, police informed the suspect that they would place him under arrest for being a disorderly person. The suspect then began walking outbound on Park Drive in the direction of Boylston Street.

Officers advised the National Grid employees to call them if the suspect returned, and approximately five minutes later, he did. At this time, the suspect was placed under arrest for being a disorderly person and transported to District 4 headquarters, where he was booked in the usual manner.


Sticky fingers

On Sunday, Aug. 5, at about 3:32 p.m., police responded to a radio call for a 13-year-old, female shoplifter in custody at Neiman Marcus at 5 Copley Place.

Upon arrival, officers met with loss-prevention mangers, who said they observed the suspect, who is known to them from past shoplifting, and an unknown female accomplice enter the store via an on-site security camera.

At this time, the two women split up, and the suspect proceeded to the Stone Island display, where she selected a white shirt valued at $145 and concealed it near her waist. The suspect attempted to exit the store via the Dartmouth Street doors, past all points of purchase without attempting to pay for the shirt. The suspect was then apprehended by security and escorted to the loan-prevention managers.

The suspect subsequently received a verbal trespass from the premises and was advised that she could be subject to arrest is she reentered the store.

Police attempted to contact a guardian for the suspect with negative results before it was discovered she was listed as a missing person out of the Boston Police Department’s District B-2. The suspect was subsequently released to the care and custody of the Walden School.

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