Bar Lyon Sets Mid-September as Opening Date on Washington Street

The owners of Bar Lyon told the Sun this week that they are anticipating a mid-September opening for their long-awaited French-themed café on a challenging corner of Washington Street.

“We’re getting there,” said Mark D’Allessandro of the Columbus Hospitality Group, which operates other restaurants such as Mistral. “We are anticipating a mid-September opening at this point.”

Bar Lyon has been anticipated for quite some time, appearing before the neighborhood groups with their plans more than 18 months ago. Now, however, things are moving along smoothly.

D’Allessandro said they will have a 60-seat French bistro serving classic Lyonnaise fare, but will still be a place that’s not too good to have a burger on the menu.

The new entry into the South End dining lexicon is being welcomed not only due to the high-end resume of the ownership, but also because it has located on a corner that has long been difficult.

The corner at Washington Street is seeing a bit of a revival, and many believe Bar Lyon will be the key to unlock it.

D’Allessandro said they are excited to re-define the corner.

“Honestly, we’re excited about the location there – trying to help the neighborhood re-define itself – but at the same time there is a dynamic there we need to be aware of. At the same time, you know what, when we opened Mistral many years ago, that neighborhood had the same dynamic. So, we got it covered, I’d say.”

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