American Elm

A massive, old and rare American Elm Tree on the alley behind Upton Street is the focus of a rigorous fundraising campaign by the Union Park Neighborhood Association in the South End to save the 150-year old giant.

Most American Elm trees were lost decades ago in Boston to Dutch Elm Disease, but the one on the alley in Union Park stayed the course and has thrived in recent years. However, a massive branch has become problematic and will eventually fall if not trimmed. Likewise, the tree needs to be protected from disease and insects. While it is a City tree, the City does not have the resources to save it. With the situation at an emergency level, UPNA President Jamie Fox said the community wants to step in and raise the funds to save it now, with the hopes of being reimbursed in the future.

The cost to trim and treat the tree is $5,765.

“The whole neighborhood is very concerned about the tree,” said Fox, who indicated the work needs to be done in October.

To donate to the cause, one can go to the UPNA website and click on the ‘Tree Fund’ button, or send a check to UPNA at P.O. Box 18750; Boston, MA 02118.

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