Police Briefs 11-15-2018


Unwanted visitor

On Monday, Nov. 5, at about 1:27 a.m., police responded to a radio call for an assault and battery in progress at CVS Pharmacy at 587 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, officers stopped the male suspect after observing him exiting the store and shouting at employees.

A victim told police that employees always have problems with the suspect when he comes into the store, and this time, he threw around shopping carts and struck the victim with a closed fist on his right wrist. The victim said he was sore, but declined medical attention at that time.

After police determined that thte suspect had no open warrants, they advised him that he was no longer welcome in the store, and would be arrested if he returns there.

The suspect then left the store without further incident.


Bag of tricks

On the evening of Monday, Nov. 5, members of the District 4 Drug Control Unit conducted a “buy/bust” operation in an area of the Back Bay Fens that has been the location of numerous drug-related arrests, as well as undercover purchases of illegal narcotics.

This operation was a direct result of a tip provided to the Drug Unit by police officers on Nov. 2 after they observed drug activity in Public Alley 934. They also provided the drug unit with the phone number of an individual suspected of selling drugs around the Fenway.

On Nov. 5, a member of the Drug Unit called the number and, posing as a drug user, arranged to meet the alleged dealer in the area of Ipswich and Boylston streets near the gas station.

Once in the area, the officer contacted the alleged dealer, who told him to walk down Ipswich Street towards Charlesgate where he would be standing near some tables.

When the officer approached the area, he observed a group of individuals standing around the tables, including a man in a winter bubble vest who answered the officer’s call.

The suspect told the officer to walk with him to the rear of the courtyard, where he removed a small red pouch from his jacket. The officer observed multiple plastic bags of crystal meth and fentanyl inside the pouch.

The officer negotiated to buy two packages of fentanyl and two packages of crystal meth using $75 of previously recorded “buy” money.

Additional officers then approached the area and placed the suspect under arrest and recovered the “buy” money from him, as well as the red pouch containing 11 plastic bags of crystal meth and one bag of fentanyl.

The suspect was then transported to District 4 headquarters for booking, at which time police recovered a cigarette case containing a large bag of crystal meth, a large bag of fentanyl and a scale.

Police also seized $675 from the suspect, who was charged with distribution of a Class A substance (fentanyl), distribution of a Class B substance (crystal meth), distribution with intent to distribute of a Class A substance (fentanyl) and distribution with intent to distribute a Class B substance (crystal meth).

Meanwhile, the “buy” money was returned into circulation.

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