Application for 2019 Fenway Concerts Gets Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on Dec. 12 at the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing regarding the entertainment license application for 2019 Fenway Park Concerts.

David Friedman, senior vice president for Legal and Governmental Affairs for the Red Sox, said they asked permission to hold up to 12 concerts in 2019, the same number that the City authorized for the 2018 concert season.

At the hearing, Friedman said they presented some background information on the application and why they think 12 concerts is an appropriate amount. He said that Fenway Park “really has become a premier venue in America for concerts.

“It’s been recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine and USA Today and a lot of authorities as a great place for concerts,” he added.

He said that they also discussed measures they take to address neighborhood concerns and mitigate impacts.

Friedman said there was a lot of support from City Councilors, and that 10 of the 13 councilors expressed their support either at the hearing or in writing. Having this hearing in early December was much earlier than they have done it in the past, he added. Previously, the hearings have been held anywhere from January to March. Last year’s hearing was held in late January.

“This is better because it gives everyone an earlier chance to plan,” Friedman said.

Though he said he could not confirm any names of artists for the 2019 concerts just yet, Friedman did say that they are looking for “a diverse set of acts,” which he said means diverse types of music and diverse types of performers.

Friedman said that some will be returning acts that have played Fenway Park before, while others have never been to the venue.

“I know that as in the past, we’re looking for top-caliber artists who will be able to perform and fill the place,” he said.

He also said they have seen great results from the new Neighborhood Advisory Committee, which gives the Red Sox a chance to get feedback and ideas from the community.

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job,” Friedman said. “This year there were far fewer complaints about the concerts.”

Of course, not everyone agrees with the concerts and the level of noise coming from Fenway Park.

“There are some people who are sensitive, and we take that seriously, but we try to be fair and objective about it,” Friedman said.

There has been no word back yet from the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing regarding the status of the application, but Friedman said they expect to hear back within a few weeks of the hearing.

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