Letter to the Editor

Seeking Artists of HT Park

Dear Editor,

The HT Park was dedicated on June 20, 1999. It may be the only park in the country with two original works of art by Afro-American women artists. There are also 15 pavers -12 around the Tubman statue and three on the sidewalk of Pembroke Street. In the coming months, we are planning a 20-year celebration and would like to recognize the 15 youngsters/students from the Children’s Art Centre and Park School in Brookline where Fern Cunningham, the artist who did the Tubman statue, taught for many years.  

Heidi Shork, who works for the City, will be painting copies of the pavers on the electrical boxes with the artist’s name (see the electrical box on Pembroke Street).  

We have tracked down seven of the 15 artists who did the pavers and would like to contact the following eight people to invite them to a planned celebration later this year:

•Nelson De Castro

•Shawn Atkins

•Adilia James

•Grace Faturoti

•Meagan Scott

•Sanchana Hardy

•Caitlyn Zeller

•Sarah White-Stern

If you know any of these folks, please get in touch with me at “[email protected]”.  Thank you.


Frieda Garcia

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