Police Briefs 05-30-2019

Sharp object and stolen shades

On Tuesday, May 21, at about 12:56 p.m., officers responded to Versace at 100 Huntington Ave. on a radio call for reported threats.

         Upon arrival, police spoke with a sales associate, who said an unidentified man stole a pair of sunglasses, valued at $250, and threatened him with a knife before fleeing the vicinity.

         The sales associate told officers he was helping another customer when a fellow employee pointed out to him that the suspect was attempting to conceal a wallet, valued at $850, inside his sweater.

         After the sales associate confronted the suspect about the alleged theft, he returned the wallet. A fellow employee then told the sales associate that the suspect had also stolen the sunglasses, at which time he followed the suspect out of the store and onto the escalator.

         When the sales associate demanded that the suspect return the sunglasses, the suspect reached into his front pocket and removed a pocketknife. The suspect then flipped open the knife to brandish the blade before asking the sales associate if he thought he was “tough,” at which time the sales associate ran back to the store.

         The sales associate told police that he recognized the suspect in connection with previous shoplifting incidents at the store and elsewhere in the mall.

Batting practice

On Thursday, May 23, at approximately 2:47 p.m., police responded to 889 Harrison Ave. to take an assault-and-battery report.

         On arrival, the officers observed a woman sitting in a wheelchair with a cut over her eye and wearing a hospital bracelet as a paramedics was examining her.

         The victim told the officer that she had just been released from the hospital when the suspect confronted her and accused her of “snitching” on the suspect, which resulted in his arrest the previous week.

         The suspect then hit the victim in the head with a wooden baseball bat seven times before fleeing the scene in a Toyota Corolla with two accomplices – one male, the other female.

         The victim was transported by ambulance to Boston Medical Center for further treatment.

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