For the Record

From the Aug. 21 License Board Hearing, 10 a.m., City Hall:

• Sesame CZ, LLC, D/B/A: Roka, 801 Massachusetts Ave., South End.

Holder of a Common Victualler 7 Day All Alcoholic Beverages License has peti-tioned to transfer the license and location from the above – To: Purple Shell Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Purple Shell Bar & Kitchen 11 West Broadway South Bos-ton, MA 02127.One room on the first floor, main entrance/exit on West Broad-way, secondary entrance/exit on Dorchester Avenue, kitchen and storage area in the rear. Gan Quan “Jerry” Chen, Manager. 2 a.m. Closing Hour.

From the Aug. 22 South End Landmarks Sub-Committee Meeting, 8 a.m.:

Meet at a private residence at 30-34 East Concord St., South End, for the pub-lic sub-committee meeting.

From the Aug. 27 Boston Landmarks Commission Meeting, 4 p.m., City Hall, Rm. 900:

Design Review

•Boston Common Applicant: Elizabeth Vizza, Friends of the Public Garden

Proposed work: Installation of new Brewer fountain lighting

•Christian Science Complex Applicant: Brooke Ten Eyck

Proposed work: Publishing House façade rehabilitation

Administrative Review

•29 Bay State Road Unit #1 Applicant: Anthony Griseto, Pella Windows and Doors

Proposed work: Replacement of four front and one rear windows and trim

•29 Bay State Road Applicant: Frank Rolo

Proposed work: Repair roofing slate

•Commonwealth Avenue Mall Applicant: Elizabeth Vizza, Friends of the Public Garden. Proposed work: Removal of cobble edging and planters at Collins Statue

•Boston Public Library Applicant: Emily Tokarczyk, Director of Events

Proposed work: Interior painting of Tea Room walls

•Christian Science Complex Applicant: Sarah Printy, Northeastern University

Proposed work: Northeastern University signage replacement

From the Aug. 28 Flammable Storage and Garage Hearing, 1010 Mass. Ave. (4th Floor), 10 a.m.:

•Continued applications

370-380 Harrison Ave 180 Vehicles 3,600 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehi-cles:  Southend 10, LLC.

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