Letter to the Editor

A Forgotten people

Dear Editor

I have written a few times, concerning Senior housing in the City of Boston. Simply because, there isn’t any!

Beacon Hill has ignored the folks who have worked all their lives and contributed to the upkeep and restoration of Boston, and have little to show for it.

There is plenty or reconstruction of ‘Luxury Living’ for those who can afford it, which , by the way seems to be mostly foreign traders.

New ‘Luxury’ living advertise so many square feet for “affordable” $2000.00 or more. Affordable? For who?

Not for the elderly who are who are living on Social Security, month to month.

The Mayor, a Union man, continues to grant permits to build even bigger and taller ‘Luxury’ apartments in Boston without a thought for Senior citizens who throw their support his way, hoping that he will full fill his promise of more affordable housing.

Meantime ‘affordable’ has several meanings, to different folks,  none of which, include senior housing.

If a elderly person is receiving less than $2000.00 in Social Security, or even a little more than that, he or she cannot afford to reside comfortable in Boston, any longer.

The are the Forgotten People.

 Warren Benson

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